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We present you a designer online teambuilding project, perfectly suited for a remote corporate event: the exclusive online entertainment quiz “Where is the Logic?”, based on the Russian TV program of the same name. We’ve been organizing this quiz in Russia since April 2020.

Key information about the event:

  • The game consists of 2 blocks: 5 and 4 tours, 10 similar questions in each tour
  • Overall duration about 2 hours, with a 10-minute break between the blocks
  • Broadcast live via our Twitch channel
  • Players don’t have to download or install any software to watch the broadcast
  • Team discussion via messenger
  • Team captains send the answers via Google Forms, after the host’s signal


What will the tours include?

Round 1. Spot the Commonality

10 slides containing 3 pictures each. The teams have to write a word that unites the pictures. The number of the letters in this word is also given to the teams.

Round 2. Odd One Out

10 slides containing 4 elements marked with the letters ABCD. The teams have to determine what unites three of the elements and to eliminate the “fourth one out”.

Round 3. Formula of Everything

10 slides containing 2 pictures each. The teams have to provide the associative result of the pictures’ combination — like, as the Russian saying goes, if you cross a snake with a hedgehog, you get barbed wire.

Round 4. Shadow Boxing

10 slides with figures/silhouettes of well-known cartoon characters, devoid of color. The teams have to name the characters.

Round 5. Movie Puzzles

10 slides containing 3 pictures each, codifying the names of popular Hollywood movies of the last 30 years. The teams have to name the movies.

Round 6. X-Files

10 children photos of modern celebrities: actors, TV hosts, singers or athletes. The teams have to name the celebrities.

Round 7. The Governors

10 slides containing 3 pictures each, closely connected to a ruler from any country or era. The teams have to name the rulers.

Round 8. The Covers

10 fake invented covers for real books. The teams have to guess the book by its possible associative cover.

Round 9. Catch The Catch Phrase

10 slides, each containing 3 pictures and 3 lines of a four-line poem written by us. The teams have to write a catchphrase which matches the pictures and which also fits the poem by meaning, rhythm, and rhyme.

The question and answer slides of the online quiz are beautifully designed, with use of vivid visual effects and dynamic musical accompaniment, setting a fun and vibrant mood from the very start. Remote teambuilding brings employees closer in spite of the distance.

More details as Q&A

1. How do we gather teams and select captains?

In this issue, we give our participants complete control. For example, a client can ask its employees to draw lots in advance. The only rule is, teams should be formed before the game starts, and each team should select a captain — the person who’ll send the team’s answers through Google Forms. Ideally, a team should include 4-5 persons.

2. What is the best way for teams to communicate?

Each team should choose a messaging or voice app which is the most convenient for it. We recommend using Skype, Zoom or Whats App. The app should be installed on the team members’ phones in advance. We recommend the captains to create a chat in messenger the day before the game, add all team members there, and run a test call.

3. Do captains have to register at Google or Twitch?

No, it isn’t necessary. Any internet user can fill a Google Form. The participants and their answers will be identified by the team name (the “team name” Google Form line will be mandatory: the system won’t allow the captain to send the answers unless it’s filled in). A Twitch broadcast is accessible to anyone, like a YouTube video. Registered Twitch users will be able to use the chat (for example, to say they can’t hear the host). They won’t have any other advantages.

4. When will the players receive all the required links?

We will send the links to the Twitch channel (where the game will be broadcast live) and to the Google Forms (for the answers) to the head organizer on the client’s part, so they’ll be able to forward them to all the players.

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